Pointing Dog Journal: “Gifts of the Magi”

Mr. L.R. Herod is a retired Idaho lawman whose Dixie accent betrays his South Carolina roots. Slight of build but direct of manner, these days he works as a kind of gun-for-hire. Bounty hunter? Bail bondsman? P.I.?

Good guesses, but wrong. L.R. Herod, you see, is an upland bird hunting guide. Have dogs, will travel, and all that. For the first part of the fall, you can find L.R. and his crew – he carries pointers and German shorthairs on his truck – at the Flying B Ranch in Idaho. Then, around mid-November, he migrates cross-country to Wild Wing Lodge in western Kentucky, holding forth there until the redbuds begin to bloom and the gobblers start to talkin’.

That’s where Steve Smith and I cut his track last December. “I’m afraid you drew the short straw, L.R.,” I joked after lodge manager Tracey Lieske had announced the guide-guest assignments for the afternoon hunt.

“That cuts both ways,” L.R. laughed. “You know what they say about water seeking its own level! I do believe we’ll muddle through, however.” Read the entire article by Tom Davis here.