Who Are We?

Wild Wing Lodge offers outstanding upland hunting on property nestled in the gently rolling hills of northwestern Kentucky’s Crittenden County, not far from the Ohio River and the border with southeastern Illinois.

The important things at Wild Wing Lodge are the impeccable dog work and covey flushes that are both hard and fast. The only concern becomes…can your shot catch up to the elusive quail?   If not, there will always be another covey to find! Our goal at Wild Wing Lodge is to provide our guests with the best hunt you have ever had or even heard of. To provide that experience you’ll be hunting thousands of acres of beautiful Kentucky property, which means the birds don’t get pressured.

The quail at Wild Wing Lodge fly incredibly hard and fast.  There are many big coveys numbering 20-plus with some coveys over 50 birds. Wild Wing Lodge is a special world reserved for you. A rewarding world of open fields, eager dogs on point, guns at the ready, and the startling  whir of a rising covey!

132 Upland Hunting Trips
65 Fishing Trips
985 Happy Guests

What's It Like?

Our native warm season grasses and supplemental feeding programs promote healthy and well fed quail. When you step past one of our well-trained pointing dogs and a covey of 20-plus birds rockets up in every direction, you’ll understand what we mean by The Wild Wing Lodge Difference.

Steve Smith
Steve Smith Because of my line of work, I’ve been lucky enough to hunt at some of the finest wing-shooting lodges and hunting clubs in the country, as well as traveling to wild-bird destinations on public lands. I can tell you that… Read More
Ed Rader
Ed Rader As manager of the field operation for Innotek for 15 years and training bird dogs for 55 plus year’s, I have had the privilege to hunt and shoot quail at some of the finest plantations and preserves in the USA.… Read More
Bob West
Bob West For those of us lucky enough to have grown up hunting wild birds, Wild Wing is like turning back the clock … this is real hunting!
Bruce Fowler
Bruce Fowler As a young hunter in South GA following my dad and a couple of pointers gave me the vision to know what real wild quail hunting is supposed to be like. Many lodges have tried to recreate wild quail hunts… Read More
Bob West
Bob West What an escape, no sounds or suggestions of the hustle bustle world, forget it all and enjoy the moment. I treasure the evenings after hunting, gathering in the main lodge to relax and trade yarns with new and old friends…time… Read More
Garden & Gun

If you don’t consider Kentucky a quail-hunting destination, Wild Wing might change your mind. The lodge is best known for the unreal size of its coveys—some in the thirty- to fifty-bird range. The property is located in the rolling terrain of rural coal country, and the hunting is done mainly on foot (though ATVs are provided for those who need them) behind English setters bred and raised by the lodge’s manager, Keith Pierce. If you somehow tire of those huge coveys, the lodge also offers hunting for pheasant and Hungarian partridge.